The Vibes of Going Home for Canfitpro Weekend


Call me nostalgic… but it felt good to go home. This was the first Canfitpro Toronto weekend I attended as a foreigner. While it was different, it came at a time where I think I was abundantly in need of the inspiration I always find at this event.

Socially, it was great to see my old colleagues. I can say these are some of my friends I hope to have lifelong relationships with. When you work somewhere for so long, you don’t forget those who you ‘grew’ up with. It was nice to reconnect with those who I normally don’t see, or even talk to, anymore. These are bittersweet moments that I cherish.

It is good to be with your people, who believe what you believe.

Professionally, I always leave the weekend with new ideas and new ways of thinking about stuff. I think this year was especially important for my development for many reasons.

I think that in order to be the best you can be, you have to take care of yourself first.

Harley Pasternek (the keynote) discussed the 5 things to do everyday to be successful.

I was currently completing 2 of his 5 ‘daily habits’, which for me was an eye opener. How was I to be my best if I wasn’t taking the best care of myself? At what level was I operating at, if I could not complete the daily habits that were only the foundation?

An example of a missed ‘daily habit’ was his 7-8 hour a night habit for sleep. Sure, we all know we should sleep, but I had gradually slid to 4-6 hours a night. I told myself at the beginning it was because of the move, then some other changes, but at some point there was no excuse – I was making a daily decision to play fatigued.

I have now committed to hitting these 5 tasks, daily. Day 3, so far so good :).

As far as other personal development, there are a few other new commitments I have made with myself, which I am sure I will share at some point (when I am in the routine). When I see people speak who are successful, who manage their time well, and have insatiable drive, it puts me into that mindset. I am somebody who thrives in this type of atmosphere.

All in all, the weekend was very satisfying. I recognize I am proud of where I come from. I am reminded why I am where I am, doing what I am doing. I am inspired to go further. I am focused on what matters.


The Tourist In Amsterdam


Today, by my relatively short knowledge of the Amsterdam summer weather, is a rather nice evening night. I find myself sitting under the cover of an umbrella, house merlot in hand, tapping keys on my macbook, eagerly people watching.


Speaking of people watching, a guy just chugged half a beer and then sprayed the rest of it all over himself/the road. For my neighborhood, that’s weird for a Tuesday evening. Continue reading “The Tourist In Amsterdam”

The recent shift in my fitness


Looking back, I simply don’t think I was working out hard enough to reach the next level.

Maybe I was subconsciously content with my progress. I mean I was pretty fed up with the excessive dieting and guilt trips I would put myself through. Having a chocolate bar? That would set me on an entire emotional rollercoaster of questioning my imperfection, or simply being normal; non elite-organic. Continue reading “The recent shift in my fitness”

Moderation over Absolutism


It is extremely common in the ‘fitness realm’ for people to try a long-term, absolute approach to their fitness/lifestyle. This approach creates an unsustainable and ultimately negative impact on one’s quality of life. I think it is important to consider moderation for sustained health and well-being (mental, physical and spiritual). I write my opinion Continue reading “Moderation over Absolutism”